The Archer and the Behemoth Chapter 6

This is based on a story prompt provided by the Story Engine. It’s pretty cool. I will not reveal what I drew until the story is done.

“Welcome back to the world of the living,” the man with dreamy eyes said, smiling so bright she thought his eyes would twinkle like stars. And as they caught the sunlight, they did not disappoint.

“Thanks.” She smiled like an idiot. She was a commander of the guards back home, and here she was simpering like a little girl over boys.

“I didn’t do anything. Though we weren’t sure you were going to wake up.”

“Excuse me?” The comment caught her off guard. You don’t think that if it’s only been a few hours.

“You’ve been out for almost three weeks. We’ve been giving you soup and fortunately you would eat it.”

The Behemoth, she thought. What happened to it?

“I need to go.”

Claire attempted to stand up, swooned, and knelt.

Dreamy locks steadied her. “Not yet. You need to eat and get more sleep. Real sleep, not I passed out from something sleep.”

She thought on the being telling her she was the Saint. Why keep her out that long? Maybe the entity couldn’t control its power and made her sleep too long?

“I can’t stay long. I have a friend waiting for me.”

The man quirked a brow. “Where? I can go get him for you.”

“No. That’s fine.” What would she tell him? Hey, somewhere in your countryside you’re likely missing a lot of livestock. My friend is eating them because he’s the size of several houses.

“Is he your husband? Want to keep quiet a little longer before going back to do dishes and cook?” He gave a smirk to play it off like this was a casual question.

“No. No husband, no children.” It irked her a little. Back home she would call him out for insulting her and her station, but she didn’t know enough about the local culture, and she knew more often than not she would not have the opportunity to be a commander of the guard.

“Oh. Okay.” That smile. Now it annoyed him, even that twinkle in his eyes.

“Look, just get me on my feet. I’ll pay you and get out of here.”

With him.

“What?” Claire muttered.

“Did you say something?”

“Yeah.” She went on the defensive, trying to dissuade him from probing into her talking to herself. “I said get me out of here as quickly as possible.”

“Oh, of course.”

You need to leave with him. He’s why you’re here.

Claire glared at the man. “What’s your name?”

It was like watching a puppy get scratched on the belly. “I’m Oscar. You?”

“Claire.” She nearly sighed her name, and while she tried to catch her eye roll before he saw it, she definitely failed.

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