The War of Chaos and Order

The Mystical Lands of Ji-Wei

Long ago, Void created Ji, or Chaos, and Wei, or Order. They warred with each other in the heavens. In an attempt for peace, Void created Ji-Wei, a dragon of two heads, one of Chaos, one of Order. Out of jealousy, the two brothers crushed the dragon, creating a world. Void, in memory of his dragon, called it Ji-Wei.

And so Chaos and Order worked to invade this realm. They created the Heavens and Hells. Then they created portals into Ji-Wei. Now, gods and demons command men in a bid to control the world.

This war has gone on for thousands of years. Now it nears its conclusion as the demons and gods shore up their pawns and prepare for a final move. These are those stories, leading to the freedom or destruction of Ji-Wei and its people.