Our Promise to You

Project Volden has an aim for those reading. It wishes to attract readers, writers struggling on their journey, and individuals who simply want to see wonderful and inspiring places. Because of this, we have a very concrete purpose.

Fill you with Wonder

Project Volden is a fantasy and science fiction world with incredible places which mirror our world, but at the same time is foreign. Even their base physics are a little off ours, allowing for wonderous effects in nature and in people.

We will also post about places around our own world, even in space, which will take you away from the moment you’re in, and transport you somewhere beautiful. At times, it will be unique beauty seen only in one place. A lot of it will be a lovely forest trail, or mountain climbing.

At Project Volden, we want to fill you with wonder and awe. We want to inspire you to look for the unique in your own day to day.


Are you a creative struggling for motivation? Project Volden will post on inspiration, motivation, and techniques to help you get back creating. While some will be aimed specifically at writers, a lot of it will simply be finding motivation, passion, and discipline to fulfill your art to the best of your ability.

Thank You

If you’re looking for this in your life, stick around. Follow. Let us know what hit you, and what missed the mark so we can do better next time. Either way, we’re ecstatic that you’re joining us on this journey, and that fellowship is what inspired Project Volden to continue.