The Empire of Ji-Wei

The gods will bring you order. And you will live a better life for it. Submit to their superiority.

The city of Tian was blessed when the gods visited, appearing in the sky, and descending down to the mere mortals. It was a wretched state. The mortals scrounged for food, fought off bandits, and dealt with laziness and other curses of chaos.

The gods changed all of that. They blessed man with hierarchy, a desire to follow their betters, and the need to reach their full potential within the Perfected Hierarchy of the Thousand Heavens.

After building a vast empire, it is now time for the gods and their mortals to share that blessing with the rest of Ji-Wei. It is especially their duty to march west and destroy the agents of chaos: demons.

Learn of the Lore of Ji-Wei

Purchase the Man in the Straw Hat, which centers in the Empire.