Project Volden

Explore the worlds Volden created. While now there is only Ji-Wei, Yilinksi, Mercer, and many others are right on the horizon. You can also find inspiration aimed toward writers if you poke around.

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The Empire

The gods rule the Empire in the east of Ji-Wei, on the coast and across the plains. Promises of order are given to all who submit.

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Demons, shapeshifters, and elemental spirits hide in the shadows of the Sankive Jungle. Chaos curses the hardy inhabitants.

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A mountain goes up to the heavens, ever rising. Wealth lies in the mountains, but winter and monsters threaten any who ascend.


Here you can check out some of the other exotic locals in Ji-Wei! Right now, the only overflow is G’desh, but soon enough this will be bustling with other continents and nations, all ripe for you to explore.

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