Stephanie, the Bloody Unicorn

One dark and stormy night, a horror author was released into the world. No one could have known the masterpieces of suspense she would produce. That author is….

Stephanie Ayers

A fan of horror and the fantastic, Stephanie writes unnerving thrillers which regularly have me squirming, or on the edge of my seat reading as fast as I can. Which isn’t great since I’m one of her editors.

Ayers also writes in the fantasy realm. The fantasy stories are a little shorter than the average fantasy book. They are very well written, and the series weaves a story together very well, filled with wonder and suspense, as any good fantasy book should have. Check out the Destiny Defined series.

I highly suggest checking out everything she has to offer, and buying up as much as you can. Her books are nice, two hour reads, and she offers them at a great price. You can’t go wrong.


You can find her amazing links below. Check out this talented writer, buy up her books, and show her some love. Stephanie deserves it!


Facebook Group


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