A Cold Bed

Muric stood on his balcony, looking into the darkness. There were some lanterns on the road, moving to and from the city. The kingdom was growing quickly. Some more lights congregated on the edge of the forest, where the loggers had greatly reduced the trees. The logging had slowed substantially since the creation of the village and castle, but there were contracts set up for the wood that would keep the coffers filled.

But it wasn’t his kingdom. He created it for another.

“I keep your bed warm, but without you it cools.” A woman called from his bed and he looked back. In the moonlight, with the dim blue illumination, it almost looked like the woman he built the castle for.

“Of course, my love. I will join you shortly.” A brisk wind blew through, and Muric wrapped his cloak about him tighter. “I think I need to go for a walk, though.”

“Would my lord like me to clothe him? It is cold and I do wish you not to get ill.” She removed the blankets just enough to show her upper body. It was his favorite part, the curve of her breasts and the beauty of her stomach and hips as it went down to connect with the covers. Like looking at a beautiful painting.

“I will be okay. My cloak keeps me warm.” It was a lie, but the thought of her hands on him made him irritated.

“As you wish, my lord.” She brought the covers back over. “Will you send in a maid with a bed warmer, then? I will await your return.” The bed could have been empty for how cold it felt. Alys was no substitute for the woman he loved.

4 thoughts on “A Cold Bed

    1. Missing her the past couple days. Just feel lonely. Part of this was my fear that what if I don’t get past her? What if no matter who I marry, there will be that part to cling on to the past. I’ll likely get over her, just has weighed far heavier than anyone else I’ve dated. Stupid heart 😉 Thanks for the compliment.

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