Party Wipe?

I story tell. I enjoy it. It’s fun. I get to create an amazing story, and a bunch of friends get to destroy it. I have a village they’re to protect from a demon, so they end up summoning another demon with the promise he gets to feast on the village for his efforts. I create a story in the southern trade center, they decide to run off to some ruins I know little about and start a new civilization. I create no story at all because they tend to do whatever they want, they finally look to me for guidance. This is what makes it thrilling. Anyone can sit around and type up a story with time to adjust and the ability to make characters act. But it takes someone special to write on the fly, when writer’s block can’t be tolerated. I love story telling.

I have one issue: short attention span. I’ve been running Exalted for some time now. The characters are reaching powerful levels (though compared to most, they start at a ridiculously powerful level), and they’re enjoying it. I’m getting worn out. My friend is running a parallel Exalted campaign, which is neat, but we’re really stuck in this world. I need something fresh.

Enter Dragon Age. Yesterday I spoke about how it taught me futility. Why? Because three is about to come out, it looks a lot like the first one in all decisions made suck, and I found a game on my phone for it that’s really addicting. I forgot how detailed the lore was. It’s absolutely gorgeous. I bought the strategy guide just to read the back of it for the lore. It was beautiful.

Ultimately, what I want to do, is a party wipe so we can play some Dragon Age. Even as a player, I’m not a huge fan of Exalted. I thought it would be so cool. Maybe I just picked the wrong character. Perhaps my loud and boisterous mountain isn’t as entertaining as I foretold. I’m not sure. I just wish we could play Dragon Age. I want to come up with stories for it. It’s a beautiful world.

What are you guys all playing? Have you had a time where you wanted out of the current game? What’s your favorite system?