Pokemon Sun and Moon Demo

The demo came out today. I’ve been waiting for it as they show more and more of the features. It looked like a living world that wasn’t just battles and a few side missions like coordinating. Instead of battling to the equivalent of a gym battle, you have to take photos of rare Pokemon hiding all over the cave. When you get past a certain point, you can do a Pokemon catching competition. There will be a contest to see how many millions of Pokemon players can catch shortly after release. This is incredible.


So I started playing the demo. It’s really limited. You start as a boy named Sun. You get an epic geninja, which I can’t wait to use in the game. You also get to see the first trial. From what I can tell there aren’t any gyms. It’s all trials. Each one seems a unique challenge.


So I’m excited for the new game. It’s one month away, and I will likely play the demo a lot. A friend asked me today why I liked Pokemon. What made me so giddy about it. I love going out to adventure. In my head I’m not simply running around with some pixelated animals in balls. I’m talking to them, like a writer talks to their characters. I coach them. I think about what it would be like in that world, walking alongside them, going through challenges.

So one month. I just need to wait one more month.


Not the very best there ever was

I lost to my nephew over the weekend at Pokemon card game. I seriously looked at what he played, and he played it twice, and my brow furrowed, and I thought to myself something I will not type here. But it was vulgar. A kyogre that could heal 30 damage every turn? How do you compete with that monstrosity? Add to it my deck was poorly shuffled. It was just bad.


I mean, what was I going to do?


Especially when this was the ace up my sleeve….

When I got home, I responded as any mature adult would respond to getting thrashed by a four year old who still requires me to read his cards for him: I made a new deck with new cards since I can buy these cards on my own and he cannot, and I made sure it would thrash him. Like, the next time we play, abandon all hope, kid. Because…adult.

To say the least, I haven’t learned much about being a good loser from watching the anime. The lessons just aren’t setting in.

I also got him the video game. He is starting with Pearl, and I’m excited for that adventure. I’ll be setting up gyms for him, and I have a friend making badges out of wood, so when he beats me, he can get a gym badge. My plan really is for him to lose once, try to learn how he lost, and then if he actually uses what he learned, he can beat me the second go. Should be a lot of fun.

As for my niece…I need to learn more about Barbie apparently. She loves dolls. I mean, she also enjoys Pokemon, but I am fairly sure that’s her copying her brother. Though she does think diancie is beautiful.

Eevee’s Defiance

“Know what you want to become, Trick?” I scratched my eevee behind the ear and he purred and moved into my chest. He was small, just big enough to cover my upper torso. He ignored my question, as he often did. We were nearing the Celadon Gym, and it was a conversation we’ve been holding off on. As we traveled Kanto, however, Trick seemed less and less capable of keeping up, while an evolution would help him immensely.

“It’s easy to find the stones, you know. I’m okay about paying for them.” He still ignored me, my hand moving down to scratch his chest and belly. His back right leg always went spastic when I did. “Erika uses grass-type. Maybe if you became a flareon we could walk right through. It’s so hard finding a fire type, anyway.”

Trick finally decided to participate in the conversation. He sprung up onto my chest and started to dig his paws into my shirt, pulling on it and ripping into the fabric enough to leave dimples. “Is that necessary?” I sighed and put a hand on my face. “I like this shirt, Trick. Come on, man.” When I looked at him, his face was a couple inches away from me and he let out a growl.

“So you don’t want to be a flareon?” He shrugged. “You don’t even know what you want to be, do you?” He shrugged again, closing his eyes so they looked pleased. “You win. I guess there are some other types across the ocean. A psychic and dark type. Maybe a leaf or ice type?”

He curled up into a ball on me, and I went to idly stroking his back. “You’re a pain in my ass, Trick. You know that? What do I even have to defeat Erika?”

I pulled out my pokedex and focused it on Trick, who was steadily falling asleep. I looked through the list of moves eevee could learn. “Last resort?” He looked at the move, a powerful and late learned move. “How about when you learn last resort we seriously consider what to evolve you into?”

There was no response. Trick’s small chest moved in rhythm with my own and all I could do was smile. I put my hands behind my head and put my hat over my eyes. “I guess it’s nap time. The almighty Trick has spoken. Or snoozed.”

Pokemon: Using Charm

So I’m about to start a story based on Pokemon. Why? Because if I could be a trainer, I would be. I’d explore the world with my pokemon friends and have a jolly good time. However, with my new pokemon I just caught, and the way he just owned a gym, along with a creative use for the charm move, I decided to write this.

Paul sat in the cafe in Lumiose. The lights were brilliant in the dusk, lighting up Prism Tower. It would be some time until he had the power to challenge the gym leader to a battle, but until then, the view was great. In every way.

Prism Tower in Lumiose

The women walking past were fashionable, wearing the latest clothing, with professionally done hair, dyed just right. It was as if genetically the women knew just how to sway their hips in Lumiose. He sipped his coffee as he took it all in. It took nearly three months of being in the Kalos region before he really took to coffee, but he realized the fringe benefits of that small cup of caffeinated goodness.

A woman sat down across the way, placing her cute little purse on the table to pull out her own pokedex. She had a furfrou beside her with pink highlights. Paul never understood the desire to take a perfectly good pokemon and dress it up in such a gaudy way. Then again, he never really considered the furfrou a particularly good pokemon. She ordered her beverage and started writing in a journal, now and again brushing her hair behind her ear, no doubt watching the people and the sites just as well as he was.

“Squeaks, come out.” He fumbled with his pokeballs and finally pushed the button, letting out the small electric and fairy type.

The Antenna Pokemon

“Alright, Squeaks, I know we’re just getting to know each other, but I have a task for you.” The small mouse leaped up on the table.

“Dedenne. De de den. Den?”

“Trust me, if you pull this off, you’ll be seeing a lot action. Just like I will.”

“De?” Squeaks cocked its head and furrowed its brow.

“I am not up to no good. You see that woman over there? The one writing in her journal with the beautiful smile?”


“Don’t be daft. You see her. Anyway, use charm on her. Charm the pants of her.”


“I know she’s wearing a skirt. It’s an expression. Just go over there and use charm, okay?”

The rodent sighed and shook its head. “De den denne.” It jumped down from the table, put on a smile, and started making his way to the table.

Paul bit his lip, “Come on little guy.” He watched as Squeaks bumped into her leg and rubbed its head, chattering for a while. She picked it up to console the poor creature, petting its head. It nuzzled into her. “Don’t use nuzzle. Don’t use nuzzle.” There was a small flicker of electricity from its cheek, and she giggled that it tickled. “Good job.”

Then Squeaks looked up into the woman’s eyes, and hearts seemed to appear. The woman was mesmerized. “Perfect.” Paul stood up and walked over, “Squeaks, is that you?”

“Dedenne! De de denne.” He shook his head.

The woman said, “I’m sorry, but he doesn’t seem to know you.”

Paul used glare. Squeaks was paralyzed and couldn’t move. “Squeaks, return.” He took out the pokeball and clicked the button to bring back the rodent. “I’m sorry about that. He gets a little squirrely sometimes.”

She giggled, “Oh, don’t we know how that is. I had a pikachu that would pull the same nonsense. He liked going up to strangers to tell them I abused him. Once, when he went to Officer Jenny, I was very close to making those abuse claims so.” She had an accent. A Kalos region accent. It made Paul’s cheeks warm. “My name is Nynette. Would you like to join me for a latte?”

“I would love to.” Paul fetched his coffee and sat with Nynette, talking well through the day. When she asked him over he agreed and whispered, “Good job, Squeaks.” Squeaks saw as much action as Paul did, becoming a primary member of the team. Nynette became a regular travel companion.