The Mute of Abr

The Lands of G'desh

Mute of Abr-text no bleedThe Mute of Abr is a short story in the G’desh Tale series. The series will be based around the first novel, fleshing out the area. This one specifically actually touches on some of the up and coming characters for the third novel int he series. On accident. The Mute was simply too awesome not to have show up again.

Anyway, if you’re interested in seeing what I’m made of, check out the Mute for free! Just go to Smashword, who was kind enough to publish it, and insert code GY89P when purchasing.

The Mute of Abr is an ex-slave who recently won her freedom. Now she kills giant desert monsters to make money so her daughter can have the life she couldn’t. When she makes more money than she realized possible, she starts to look to freeing all the slaves of Abr, which comes with a hefty political price.

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