2015: I Say Success

My 2015 blog report came out! It made me reflect a lot on my habits, as it’s interesting seeing something from afar instead of in the moment.

There were several things that I really liked seeing. I posted less. 2015 marks one third of my time on WordPress (some time early January I’ll have my three year anniversary). I had around 130 posts this year, compared to well over 500. So I only had approximately a fifth of my posts written this year. That pleases me. Hopefully it means I’m writing more that isn’t just blogs. He says as Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate is booted up and awaiting him (but so is my current manuscript, which I’m giving an hour before terrorizing the streets of 1800s London with my street gang).

Most of my famous articles are from 2013 and 2014. Zinger. I had two out of five from 2015. One referenced Hodor, the other was about The Grand Budapest and tragedy. Which I thought was a fantastic movie, but my parents vehemently call me insane. There was a beauty in the immense and deep loss of the movie.

I also want to thank Linda Hill, as she’s the second reason people find me, next to the WordPress reader. But is that really finding me, or more like chilling in my literary crib so they can read my words?

I’m pretty pleased with my 2015. Like this was a monumental year for me. I can’t tell you how many really terrifying dreams came true (If your dreams don’t terrify you, you aren’t dreaming big enough).

I was published twice in anthologies, both of them experimental pieces. “Harold the Hero” has to be my favorite of the two, and most people agree. Dad thought it was funny, and the editor said it was so enchanting that at times she forget she had to be editing.

I published a novel. A NOVEL guys. And people bought it. Like not just family, who I went up to with a trench coat, opened it, and said, “Wanna buy my novel?” Real people I haven’t met. And they showed me pictures. And I didn’t push it push it on them. It was weird. I’m still figuring out how to feel about it.

What’s slated for 2016? I want to finish a novel in less than three years, so hopefully a December release for the second novel in the series. Then get a couple short stories out through either Wattpad or KDP with Amazon.

I think that’s it. I’ve been working on this for a while now and my mind gets distracted. So time to work on novel #2!

God bless your new year and I hope 2015 was good for you!

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