Unicorns poop ice cream

Before I go on my grand adventure to Guatemala, I found this. This is up there with Babymetal. I’m not sure how to process this. First, what do you do about ice cream? Do we continue to eat it? Do we stare at it, repulsed, and move on? Do we cry for what just happened to our childhood? Also, if it didn’t deter you from ice cream, go to the final 20 seconds because you obviously didn’t watch all the way through.

I may just need to buy one of these. The science seems good. But there’s also that unicorn, and I feel every time I go to the bathroom, a unicorn is passing rocky road.

Enjoy your week without me! Pics will likely be posted here, but not a whole lot other than that.

6 thoughts on “Unicorns poop ice cream

  1. Wow, I gagged when those poor kids ate that ice cream. Might have put me off ice cream for at least the entirety of winter.

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