Write Fanfiction

My feeling on Fan Fiction.

The Lands of G'desh

50 Shades of Grey was fanfic. No matter what you think of the quality, it made a lot of money. There are entire websites dedicated to fan fictions. Don Quixote died because Cervantes loathed all the fan fictions popping up, and his response was, “If you won’t let him be, I’ll kill him!” There is a lot of contraversy, love, turmoil, and joy all surrounding fan fictions. Women finally get to see Dean and Sam make love. Jar Jar Binks is impaled within three minutes of showing up. Countless other things happen, most of which cannot happen without an NC17 rating.

I started in fan fiction. When I was in second grade, I wrote a page long story of me chilling with the Big Friendly Giant. I found it about two years ago and promptly tossed it after reading it. I gleaned what I could, which was I couldn’t spell.

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