Babymetal: Things that change your life

I went to see my brother this weekend, and drove with a friend. We were talking for a little while when he asked, “Have you heard of bubblegum metal?” You’ll see how we reach this title.

“No.” I was laughing, the name alone was hilarious.

“It’s a bunch of little Japanese girls singing to heavy metal. You’ve never heard of it?”

There’s a reason he believed I’d understand this. I was a heavy Asian-phile. It wasn’t Japanese, Chinese, or anything specific, but all things Asian. Sure, manga and anime were the big ones, but when it came to women I find basically all Asian women gorgeous, and I love all their cultures. However, that was primarily college, and I’ve been phasing out of it, aside from the occasional anime. So I responded, “No. I haven’t been into the Asian scene really.”

“Shoot man. Hold on.” I was driving as he was looking around on his phone. We had a lengthy discussion about usage and how much a YouTube video actually ate up of data, and finally he caved and showed me.

It changed my life. I’m no longer the same person. When I found out Babymetal existed, the very physics of the world turned on its head. I love that it has the campiness of a Japanese children’s show, with the awesome of metal.

Hope you enjoy. I hope I have also altered your life through the power of Babymetal.

8 thoughts on “Babymetal: Things that change your life

  1. Holy crap, Hello Kitty meets the Misfits. I can see why this may have changed your life. Personally I think it’s as annoying as it is good. I may have nightmares.

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