The writing was going stellar until I reached part three. I’m 600 words into it. It’s frustrating. Every night I feel exhausted. I’m looking forward to next Monday when I can be alone in my apartment again. Because that’s really all I want at this point.

I made an incredible presentation using Prezi! I was so excited about it. There is something about marketing that’s just amazing. It’s something I wish I could do over and over again, but it feels like there’s never enough time.

As for everything else, long day of presentations and meetings tomorrow, then to my brother’s house for more Zombicide. I know, it sounds fun, it’s going to be exhausting.

Hope you’re all doing well!


13 responses to “Updates

  1. Will continue sending good vibes your way. I understand how it can be when you want to be alone to get something finished, but I’m conflicted. Occasionally I need to get out of my box and be around people, or I’ll never finish. Birthday is coming up, so its a good excuse to goof off and see people I normally don’t see.


    P.S. Zombies scare me. I get nightmares every time I convince myself to watch a zombie movie.

  2. Good luck with the writing. Prezi is pretty cool I am not so sure about it. I used it for some presentations for my course last year and am not convinced. Still a Microsoft Power Point person :p

      • You can create a PowerPoint with the similar Prezi movements and much more customisation. But I shall refrain from fully arguing that out here. :p

  3. Hope the zombicide went well.

    I’ve heard Prezi is really good, but I haven’t played with it or anything, myself.

    Hope you get your alone time soon. There’s a reason I write mostly at night. It’s the only time I have to myself. Last night I was just relaxing and debating taking a nap while family was away and next thing I know they came back. With extras.

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