I Did it for the Drugs

Ch 1 Welcome to Los Santos (All other parts of the story are tied to this one in the comments section)

The Bravado Buffalo tore through the streets of LS as K made his way to the pick up point. The sun was just rising, the traffic becoming painfully slow, despite his expertise in driving, swerving in and out of tight spots while speeding up through yellows others wouldn’t dare touch. Finally he stopped outside a 24/7, where a raven haired woman wearing yoga pants and a white beater waited. Unabashedly, she held a micro at her side. At least her finger wasn’t on the trigger. K nodded approval, parking and honking the horn. She had a nice pair, an acceptable face, and no doubt she had a little experience. But when she got in the car, there was something he saw behind her sunglasses. Something he hadn’t seen in a long time. He dismissed the gut instinct.

“Name’s Jane. You K?” Her accent was Latino, though she didn’t particularly look ethnic.

K nodded and backed out of the 24/7. As they started driving she smashed in his passenger side window. He said, “What was that for? Those aren’t cheap in this town.”

“Need to be able to shoot. Don’t wanna do that during the shoot out.” She moved her sunglasses down to the tip of her nose, eyeing up K. There was no mistaking the look now. She sat back again and let out a holler, then shot some rounds off. K sped up, trying to get as far from the screams as possible.

“Are you insane?” He knew the answer.

“What? We’re ganna be killing. Might as well get an early start.” She smiled and licked her lips. K cursed.

The car ripped through traffic, Jane hanging out the side of the car, shouting and waving her gun. “Get back in here. The cops see you and we’re stopped before we start.”

“Buzz kill.” A wicked smile was shot back at K, but she didn’t come back in the car. At least she had the courtesy to put the gun on the floor.

It was a twenty minute drive to an underpass, thankfully without incident. K didn’t pray often, but for those fifteen minutes he prayed as if he were a pious man. “Just don’t let her kill anyone,” he whispered as a mantra.

Once there, another Buffalo was waiting. Two men, one with cargo pants and a bullet proof vest, the other with thick gold chains and a slanted baseball cap, waited for them. “Sup,” the black man with the cap said, his voice deep.

“You boys ready?” Jane took the lead, sauntering towards the deal. “This’ll be fun. My orders come from Gerald.” The ring leader gave her special orders? The thought unnerved K, but when he saw the other two dive for cover, he understood what was about to happen.

Automatic fire rung out under the highway, drowning out the sound of cars passing overhead. Before K could find cover, three of the Lost were already dropped. The rest hid behind cars and concrete barriers, shouting and cussing as they returned fire. This is what war must feel like, K thought, eyes wide, holding his pistol like a safety blanket.

Jane looked over to him and shouted, “Should try shooting that thing. Does more good that way.” The man with the bullet proof vest took a burst into the chest and dropped, his hand where the bullets dug into the Kevlar. He gasped for air. K looked over his barrier and started taking shots. It wasn’t that he was a bad shot, but that he was unused to shooting at a small army.

He hit center mass over and over again, every bullet well aimed compared to the automatic fire surrounding him. Concrete flew in his face as people shot towards him. Jane advanced, and soon the other two joined her. K wasn’t far behind.

In a matter of moments they overtook the rest of the gang and picked up a small package of white powder from the back of a van. Jane held it up. “Here is our angel power. Good stuff, I hope.”

“Let’s just drop it off with Gerald and get out of here.” K was getting on edge, nervous about the last few moments of this job. Anything could happen, even though Gerald was only a block away. He got in his Buffalo, with Jane behind him. The other two followed behind.

The roads were filled with people waking up, moving to the streets in a haze. The asphalt was cracked, the houses were in disrepair for at least the past three decades, lawns needed to be cut, and the rusted car was a common sight. But none of them paid any attention to the four driving through, never looking their way, despite the amount of drugs. K feared the neighborhood would sense it, that they had heard the gunfire and would deduce what these two cars held within. But the block went by without issue.

Gerald paid up, thanked them for a job well done, and informed them he’d call again. The four parted ways and K swore to never work with Jane again, no matter what the payout.

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