Helping Community

Going through my emails I was able to see this gem.

Over the summer, a local dealer of mine, Fein Brothers, put together a package for a local soup kitchen. We were able to get a few factories to pitch in money and equipment. It’s been incredible being a part of it, and while pictures and emails were neat, this segment really put it together for me.

Don’t forget to reach out to your community! You can also see me in the video. I’m this blur on the left side wearing black. I was ecstatic. But not as ecstatic as seeing this upgrade for someone in need. On top of that, Fein is going to be working at the soup kitchen, taking half a day off work to do it. It nearly brings me to tears to see such good being done.

Feel free to share your feel good story.

NaNo D24: Towels

I could have made it. Really. This isn’t blowing smoke. Story stalled. I could keep forcing it. I’m good at that. But I have another story which requires editing. I bought a domain name for it. Since it will be at least six months before launch, that’s six months the site sits there, rotting in the void, unknown and unkempt.

So today I officially throw in the towel. It emphasizes what I think is important with NaNo: use it to get you moving. Don’t use it to force out something you won’t like.

Novel #2 has a great frame right now, and I’m content with that. Novel #1 is super exciting right now, and I’m excited about that. Dare I say, super excited. Tonight I will be typing out the edits I made to chapter 1 and hopefully 2. I will also draw the map for the opening of the book, which will show the Sands of G’desh. It will not be going on my site until after launch. And even then, likely on the domain that I purchased.

Plan for the domain I purchased? You will have to wait and see, but here are some teasers. I have another author who is writing alongside me, and her worlds will show up in there as well. The idea is some interactive fun for people who really want to get to know fake worlds and the authors behind them. The authors are not fake. I promise.

If you were to go on a fantasy site, what would you want to know? What information would interest you and cause you to delve more into the world? Let us know, so we can look into incorporating it.

Also, snow. So much snow. And as the inch or two piles up, all I can think is I’m glad I’m not in Buffalo. Six feet and then it all melts? That’s a whole bag full of nope. Though, my prayers go out to the people going through the freak weather. My hopes are that your homes and businesses survived the havoc. I seriously hear at least one person talk about Buffalo a day for the past week.

Have fun! Keep it real! Keep it warm! Whatever it is.

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire: The Movie

Pokemon X and Y attempted to create a cinematic feel and failed. Why? Because it was cheesy, over the top, childish, and far too easy. They focused so heavily on quickly leveling up your Pokemon, that everything else was secondary. Not to mention, when Ash runs around and finds weird Pokemon that fly past him, he pulls out the Pokedex. When it’s something unknown, the Pokedex pulls a “WTF, mate?”

Within two hours, I’m walking along with the other guy, and we spot a group of beautiflies. You know what happens? Pokedex updated. We didn’t fight them, we literally just watched them fly past us and we took in the moment as something special to us. The creators finally realized, just like if we were Ash, “If you saw it, you likely indexed it.” This adds a level of game play that has always been missing. This is what separates it from just a video game where you have to grind out Pokemon, to an experience where the unexpected actually registers on the mechanical level.

That’s all it took for me to shrug off the fact I couldn’t change my hair style and clothing. Forget it. Ash changed once every five or so seasons. I can last a game. Especially at the cost of moments which perfectly mimic the TV show.

I’m not even through the first gym. The search feature has been addicting. You can now specifically hunt down Pokemon to get them to have rare move sets or abilities. I had a level three poochyena which started with thunder fang. Sure it was a game mechanic at the time, but I’ve had other really awesome moves, learned far later, show up on level fives. Capture has been varied in success.

I haven’t been this excited about the franchise since Diamond and Pearl, where I really started my Pokemon adventure. Sure I was in college, but some of us are both later bloomers, and eternally youthful on the inside. Just glad they could rekindle my inner fanboy.

If you play Pokemon, I’m always up for new trading partners, rivals for battle, and other internet hijinx. Email me your friend code, and I’ll shoot you mine. Email is in the side bar.

My Clockwork Heart Keeps Time

My clockwork heart keeps time
All it requires is a wind
With a key in a hidden place
A glass house, shattered to pieces
You’ll find it cuts, find it rusts
But if you hold on, you will find
It fits in the keyhole and gives easily
Under pressure. Just push and you’re in
But there will be blood from you and me
It’s needed to lubricate the gears
To provide the juice to move once more
When you do, though, I can be whole.
Spring me to life, this clockwork mess,
This heart of many pains. Use the key
To gain entry, and take me by the hand.
Show me a world of flesh and bone,
Not one of gears and copper. That I
May remember once again, to be a real boy
And not a clockwork mocker.

As the Moon Began to Rise

Thought of you tonight, as the moon began to rise.
Thought of your kiss and the glory of your eyes.

Remembered finger tips brushed across my arm.
Remembered your wit, your smile, your charm.

And longing I await for new day sun to break,
Until then I lie here, filled with heartache.

Super looking forward to tomorrow night! Maybe even more poems to come. On the other hand, hopes getting up and what not.

Winter Wanderland

It’s happened. The snow heaps down on us with the force of a really cold blanket. But it’s beautiful, and I forgot about that. Also loving the fact there are no cars on the road. They’re all afraid of the other drivers who are not out on the road.

After an incredible day of playing with my niece and nephew, drinking and smoking Swisher Sweets while talking about Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and then choir where I sounded beautiful, it’s a great day.

I even saw my nephew twice today, and the second time he ran up to me and said, “Uncle Paul, you’re back?” I said yes, picked him up, and he said, “Uncle Paul, I love you.” And kissed and hugged me. Week and a half of this. Going to be hard when he goes back home. My niece also roars. It’s adorable. She’s only a year old.

As for smoking, I don’t normally do this. I do like the initial buzz it gives me, and Sweets are flavorful. Except the blueberry I picked, which was basically just a thin cigar. On the other hand, I don’t feel too guilty for doing it. Smoking a Swisher Sweet is the equivalent of telling people you’re going on a bender with Boones Farm.

In other news, I’m on 20,000 words for my novel. I need to be at 25,000 today. It’s 8:30 and I’m up by 6 tomorrow. I don’t see this happening. But that’s okay. Life is good, the book is coming along, and I’m busy playing with my nephew. Hope you’re all doing awesome as well!