Destruction or Motivation

It’s that one thing you cannot forget. The thing that keeps you up late at night, staring at a screen. You forget it for weeks, maybe months, but then it’s there in front of you, reminding you of good times, bad times, of failures you pray you could fix.

These are the things that drive a person. It drives them into the ground, under the dirt, burying them there in despair, taking them into an abyss. Or it drives them into the sky, to soar above all others. Drives them to workout. To find their beliefs. To write and to dream.

Twice was I thrown into the pit. Once I stood up and walked out, victorious, only to go back and pull others up. To be pulled back in by lies and promises unkept. In the void again, I will not simply soar up. I will not only find my wings. I will burn and my blaze will set the world on fire.

Everything that kills me, makes me feel alive.

G’desh: Part Three Begins!

The other week I breached part three of my story. Each part is the turning point of a major event that changes the course of history. Half of the story happens in part three. There will be twenty chapters, plus an epilogue. I am also still thinking about putting in a glossary, or sort of history book at the end. Still not entirely sure.

But the story is coming along well, and I’m excited to see where it ends up. Despite a few small alterations to the planned path, it’s been pretty smooth sailing forward. You’ll always have that one character who decides death is the right path, or the one slated for death who ekes out to survive a few more chapters.

Hopefully by the end of July this draft will be done. Editing should take about a week (vacation days might be used). Then off to editing and letting people read it so they can tell me why it sucks and how to fix it.

Hope your own projects are going great!

Reddit and Japan

It’s been a strange, but exciting, three days. Let me explain.

In an average day I have between ten to fifteen visitors and fifteen to twenty views. I’m okay with this. My book isn’t out for a few more months, and I am in no ways social media savvy. But those twenty people feel close. Some are a little too close, others it feels like they’re just staring at me, and a few are just right. But it takes all types, and I need to get out of my comfort zone.

However, on Saturday something magnificent happened. I looked at my phone as we played Zombicide at my brother’s house, and WordPress had an update. “You’re traffic is more than usual! You’re at 55 views per hour!” I’ve had this happen a few times, usually though more in the realm of 30. This denotes someone getting caught up, as I’ll still have the same number of viewers.

This was different. I was over 150 views, 120 visitors, and it was early afternoon. I stared. Reddit was the cause for this sudden boom, and I was perplexed as t the reason. I suppose Babymetal did change my life as it is bringing a degree of viewership I’ve never imagined.

Today I’m on Japanese sites. I’m pretty sure some of them are raunchy, but it’s all in Japanese so I can only go off pictures. Which consisted of naked cartoon women. On the other hand, maybe that’s okay for their ads?

Anyway, apparently I need to utilize Reddit more often. I’m on day three of between 150-300 views and viewers a day and it seems to be growing. Reddit is near tapped out, but the Japanese fan sites are going strong. Now if only I wrote Japanese novels I could capitalize on this new found windfall.

Babymetal: Things that change your life

I went to see my brother this weekend, and drove with a friend. We were talking for a little while when he asked, “Have you heard of bubblegum metal?” You’ll see how we reach this title.

“No.” I was laughing, the name alone was hilarious.

“It’s a bunch of little Japanese girls singing to heavy metal. You’ve never heard of it?”

There’s a reason he believed I’d understand this. I was a heavy Asian-phile. It wasn’t Japanese, Chinese, or anything specific, but all things Asian. Sure, manga and anime were the big ones, but when it came to women I find basically all Asian women gorgeous, and I love all their cultures. However, that was primarily college, and I’ve been phasing out of it, aside from the occasional anime. So I responded, “No. I haven’t been into the Asian scene really.”

“Shoot man. Hold on.” I was driving as he was looking around on his phone. We had a lengthy discussion about usage and how much a YouTube video actually ate up of data, and finally he caved and showed me.

It changed my life. I’m no longer the same person. When I found out Babymetal existed, the very physics of the world turned on its head. I love that it has the campiness of a Japanese children’s show, with the awesome of metal.

Hope you enjoy. I hope I have also altered your life through the power of Babymetal.


The writing was going stellar until I reached part three. I’m 600 words into it. It’s frustrating. Every night I feel exhausted. I’m looking forward to next Monday when I can be alone in my apartment again. Because that’s really all I want at this point.

I made an incredible presentation using Prezi! I was so excited about it. There is something about marketing that’s just amazing. It’s something I wish I could do over and over again, but it feels like there’s never enough time.

As for everything else, long day of presentations and meetings tomorrow, then to my brother’s house for more Zombicide. I know, it sounds fun, it’s going to be exhausting.

Hope you’re all doing well!

Defeating Writer’s Block 2: Slugging it out

Paul Davis:

Check out part two of defeating writer’s block! Hope it helps. Also hit up the Art of Writing. Good stuff.

Originally posted on The Art of Writing:

I know. Those of you who are keeping up are saying, “But Paul, last week you told us to write something other than our novel.” But fear not, I will not deceive you. There are many ways to skin a cat (though I don’t know any of them, I keep getting told this by people who I believe know how to skin a great many things), and there are many ways to get around writer’s block.

I was stuck on the same chapter for a good long while. There was laundry, dishes, a dirty toilet (the entire bathroom was dirty, but I pace myself), I only needed 30 more Pokemon, my brother wanted to play board games, my nephew lost control of his bowels so I had to hand him off to my sister-in-law, etc. I’ll bet each one of you reading this post has had more than one…

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Writing With Illness

It started two days ago. My throat was sore and dry, where it hurt to drink water. I figured I woke up, dehydrated, and my own stupidity was the source of my woes. So I drank and I drank and I drank some more. Water, of course. Though Jack makes great cough syrup.

I thought nothing of it, as it passed by with haste, and left me there, happily oblivious to the true devious nature of this sore throat. Until the following morning.

At this point, my brother, his entire family, and my coworker have all been sick with the same thing. I’ve spent a lot of time with all of them. When I woke up the following morning, I had the sniffles, my left sinus could be felt as fluids drained and sloshed about, building up until it was painful, and clogging my ear on that side. The pressure became so bad that behind my eye felt like a small creature was trying to pop the orb out of its socket.

I told my coworker and friend about this, and he told me that’s how it started for him. Sore throat for a day, and then the worst head cold he ever had. It would be dreadful. My brother had been going on two weeks of this abomination, and now I was to discover I could have the ailment they suffered under.

I drove to my brother’s, where we played board games about the zombie apocalypse, and it only got worse. My eyes teared regularly and my nose, though nothing would come out, felt like it was filled to burst. The pain wracked me and I cried out, “Is there no relief from this suffering? Could this be one of the plagues which ends the world?” But there was no answer.

During this illness, I was forced to not work out. I debated not writing, but when I looked at the pages, I knew in my being that I had to put the words down. I knew I had to write with abandon, or the words would die within my soul and there would be no solace for my literary heart. So I wrote.

This morning, I’m feeling relatively better. There are still the sniffles, but at the end of the day I think I just had a weird sinuses thing. That or it’s from finally cleaning my bathroom. What I do know is what I wrote the past two days is refuse. I don’t need to read it. I knew it while I was writing it.

However, more important than writing detritus (not sure I’m using this right, but I’m in full on thesaurus mode), I wrote. I still hammered out around 3000 words a day, the plot is progressing, and I even, in my illness-invoked delirium, realized that some of my chapters were out of place. While I thought I had finished part two of my three act story, there is still one more chapter to conjure.

Today I am still stuffed up. My ears feel a little thick. But overall I’m feeling rather delightful and inspired. I drive home today after an amazing couple days with my brother and his friends at his house. We played a game called Zombicide, and I wrote as a mad man would. Tomorrow, if the malady that haunts me lets up at the pace it has been, I work out, write, clean, and cook, for I am man, and the world will fear my might.

Oh, and I’ll catch Pokemon….