A – Z April: N

Abriel looked into the tree. It was said the outside had been protecting a hollow core for centuries, but few ever dared to look and see what was there. Those who did would stay in the village for a little longer, putting right all the wrongs, and giving closure to loved ones, before venturing out into the plains to the east. Every time it was to the plains to the east, though they would never say why. One women followed her husband who braved the tree, but three days later she returned, having forgotten why she ever left. But those were all legends, warnings why one did not climb the tree in the center of town to peek into the small hole at the top.

Mothers and fathers would slap their children silly until they fell from the tree, incapable of climbing again. Guards remained at night to fend off the foolish. Every myth and legend was started somewhere, and it was assumed there was truth in this tree.

Abriel saw the two guards, though both were friends of his. Tasaden was a childhood friend, and Abriel was still able to best him in combat. Mariud was an older man, strong and filled with cunning, though he had lost a few steps. He was still more than a match for Abriel.

However, both had a weakness for the lasses, and the lasses had a weakness for Abriel. Three women came out of the shadows, swaying thick hips and heaving breasts of varied sizes. They giggled, pouted, and exposed themselves, and soon the old man and young man guarding the tree had left.

It wasn’t a dare for Abriel to see what rested within the trunk. It was a voice and restlessness. It called to him every night, glowing in his dreams, begging for him to gaze upon its wonders, and then all the truth would be known. When Elder Kasus heard of the dream, she told Abriel those dreams were quite normal, a power of the tree as it was quite apt at communication in all of its forms. Not even the gifted were capable of communicating through dreams so clearly. But many received those dreams, and only a fool would act on them.

However, Abriel had nothing holding him back. His parents were aging, and while he loved them there were other siblings to care for them. He had no wife, and being well past the age of marrying, there was little hope a similarly aged woman would wander into town in search of a pairing. He loved his brothers, sisters, nieces, and nephews, but there was no particular draw to them, not like there was to the tree.

Bark bit into his hand, leaving deep marks. He was careful to avoid slivers, but it didn’t matter, the wood would find a way through the soft hands. He was halfway up when someone spotted him, shouting that Abriel shouldn’t be up there, that it wasn’t safe, and that his parents would be devastated. However, the man was too late.

Abriel finally reached the knot which was a hole looking into the tree’s soul, and there he saw a knot, glowing yellow, almost like a tangled ball of yarn, pulsing like a heart. One of the strings reached out, and before Abriel could react, it clung to his head. Then he saw it, off in the distance. There was a thick cord of the yarn from the tree off into the plains, and in the distance, well beyond the hills and mountains which were visible, there was a glowing yellow light.

Thousands of voices in unison chanted, “Join us.” So Abriel started his journey, walking towards the yellow light.


A – Z April: M

“More,” she cried as she fed on him,
And he gave and he bled till nothing was left to give.

“More,” she cried as she fed on him,
And his spirit did break as her nourishment.

“More,” she cried as she fed on him,
And the soul was devoured leaving nothing to him.

“More,” she cried as she tried to feed on him,
But the husk was discarded when she saw he was dead.

Love Song

A – Z April: L

If happy ever after did exist
I would still be holding you like this.
All those fairy tales are full of shit.
One more fucking love song, I’ll be sick.
- “Payphone”, Maroon 5

Ever have that song you think is awesome, but you’re convinced you would never need it? It would never apply to you? When the day comes that it applies, you’re the bad guy, even though they replaced you as soon as they said goodbye and over a year later it still hurts to look elsewhere.

But you still have to look and strive.


I drive up, “Yeah, I’ll take one order. The usual.”

My head was pounding and I couldn’t focus. I felt lethargic and tired. I needed to kick this habit.

The faceless voice came back, “Alright, here’s the cost.”

I went to the window and pulled out my cash. There was a quick exchange for the juice, for the delicious nectar that would alleviate headache and lethargy. I was dying for it.

It wasn’t always this way. Just a year ago there was no such addiction, no headaches, no lethargy. I didn’t need the fix. But now….

The woman brought it to the woman. We smiled each other. “How are you?” She was peppy.

“I’m doing great.” I smiled as best I could through the ocular migraine and took the cup. Goodness, the cup. I sipped it though it was hot upon my tongue, burning a little, but I needed it. I needed my java fix.


A – Z April: I

Upon my heart here was a tart
And I loved her so. She came
Around a few times a day,
We talked and romance starts.

Emotions created beautiful weave
As steam between us there was.
Glass between us made a mirror
Of what we want, I couldn’t leave.

Great liars mirrors can make
Reflections ill aligned,
Difficult to see even with light
It’s so easy to create a fake.

Just like that you shattered glass,
Made me see the truth. You’re
A mess, and now I’m stressed,
Since I loved you. Now kiss my ass.

And so the mirror breaks.

And so the mirror breaks.

Note: This is hyperbole. I had someone I was close to. And recently she went really…weird. I had a thing for her, but the poem says it all.

Insanity Lost

So I was also hoping to do some Insanity. My apartment living room is clear enough. Then I realized that in the formatting of my hard drive, it’s all gone. Crap. So is life.